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Customer Testimonials

I have arthritis in my neck and Sarah has helped me to be virtually pain free now for a year with her Bowen treatments.


After damaging my shoulder in a cycling accident, Sarah helped enormously to get me back to normal.


I have a long standing motorcycle injury to my leg, Sarah has helped my mobility enormously.


I have had a back injury for many years which goes on me, on average 2-3 times a year. Sarah has been outstanding with her treatment and I wouldn't go anywhere else now! Many thanks Sarah


I needed to attend treatment pre major spinal surgery. Sarah's treatment was excellent and very professional. Thank you Sarah, I'm now back on my feet and mobile again.


For the last 3 years, I have been suffering with pain in my back, shoulders and neck, with constant clicking and cracking and muscle soreness. So far I have seen Sarah 4 times spread out over the last few months and the difference is staggering. My back feels completely different, and if the shoulders do start to ache again Sarah has given me exercises which reduce the pain and help settle things down again. Her treatment is extremely effective, and performed at the right intensity, without going over the top. I have recently moved to Cambridge, but I will still come back to Sarah for treatment, without her I would still be in constant pain.


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